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Services We Offer:
  • Diagnostic audiological evaluations to include pure tone audiometry (air and bone), speech reception and discrimination, tympanometry, acoustic reflexes, and acoustic reflex decay

  • All Hearing aid services from selection to fitting to repairs, using nationally and internationally high quality instruments including the latest in digital technology

  • Tinnitus evaluations and remediation for ringing or other noises in the ears

  • Misophonia Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Videonystagmograms for dizziness

  • Otoacoustic emissions testing for infants, small children, and to detect auditory neuropathy

  • Custom earmolds for noise protection and for swimming

  • Special custom molds for musicians, for pilots, for anesthesiologists, and for use with personal players while working out.  

  • Assistive devices on request such as infra-red devices for TV enjoyment and FM systems.

  • Bluetooth technology now integrated with your hearing aids and are compatible with Apple Devices (Solutions for other smartphone devices coming soon this year.)

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