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Our Staff
Andrea D. Pernick, Au.D.

  • Doctorate in Audiology Arizona School of Health Science Mesa, Arizona

  • Masters of Arts, Department of Speech and Hearing, University of Florida., Gainesville, Fl. 

  • Bachelor of Education, University of Miami: Miami, Fl. Department of Education

  • Certificate of Clinical Competence In Audiology by ASHA (American Speech & Hearing  Association)

  • Numerous Continuing Education Awards

Cindy Ann Simon, Au.D.
  • Doctorate In Audiology, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida


  • Master of Arts, Audiology, Wayne State University, School of Medicine, Detroit, Michigan

  • Bachelor of Arts, Communicative Disorders Sciences , Magna Cum Laude, Buffalo, N.Y.

  • Certificate of Clinical Competence In Audiology by ASHA (American Speech & Hearing  Association)

  • Board Certification In Audiology by AAA (ABA)

  • Numerous Continuing Education Awards

  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

Proud Members of:
  • American Speech, Language, & hearing Association

  • American Academy of Audiology

  • Charter Members Florida Academy of Audiology – Cindy Ann Simon President 2000 - 2001, current VP of Governmental Affairs

  • Florida Speech, language, Hearing Association – Cindy Ann Simon past VP of Professional Affairs in Audiology

  • American Tinnitus Association

  • Academy of Doctors of Audiology

  • Florida Coordinating Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing – Cindy Ann Simon council member and vice chair for 2012 – 2013

  • Department of Children and Families Advisory Board – member and Chair Nov 2012 – Nov 2013

  • American Auditory Society

  • Vestibular Disorders Association

  • Tinnitus Practitioners Association (TPA) – Cindy Ann Simon Board Member

  • Hearing Loss Association of America

Andrea Pernick, Au.D. and Cindy Simon, Au.D. are the audiologists you will meet at this office.  They each have over 30 years experience as licensed and audiologists.  Their graduate degrees were earned at nationally accredited university programs and they are active in community participation as well as professional participation within the state organizations.  

Our office manager Liz, is the first individual you will encounter. She is bi-lingual and will set up your appointments, answer any questions regarding our office or insurance  that you may have, and ensure that your visit with us will be a pleasant one.

We have been in the South Dade area for over 25 years.  We have proudly served this community’s needs and have an excellent relationship with our patients and the physicians in the area.  We are known for our caring and honesty.  We stay on the cutting edge of technology yet keep a warm and friendly atmosphere in our office.  Many of our patients consider us almost family. 

Our mission is to serve the hearing health care needs of individuals in the South Miami and surrounding areas as well as any other individuals opting to use our services.  We provide comprehensive audiology and hearing aid services to people of all ages.   We will provide quality care in a relaxed, unhurried atmosphere.

We pay special attention to the individual’s needs and lifestyle and include all family members as part of our service.  Appointments are given within a reasonable time and reports to the referring physicians are sent out in a timely manner.





Audiologists hold a doctoral degree from accredited universities. They have special training in the prevention, identification, assessment, and non-medical treatment of hearing disorders. 


They are required to complete a full-time externship and pass a national competency examination, whether it be the certifying examination from the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) or from the American Speech-Language, Hearing Association (ASHA). 


Most states also have licensure requirements.  But the education does not stop there.  To maintain state licensure or certification, continuing education is a must, thus they are always on top of the latest developments.



Perhaps you are a person that does not even realize you have hearing problems. Many people with hearing loss have become accustomed to the ringing in their ears, or the faded words and sounds that are a part of their everyday life.


Hearing problems affect approximately 21 million Americans-adults, children and infants-with causes ranging from such medical problems as ear infection, low birth weight or birth defect, drug use and tumors, to conditions such as prolonged exposure to loud noise or the normal aging process.


Untreated hearing loss can have a  devastating impact on family relations, work and academic performance. You can help yourself with hearing loss by seeing a certified audiologist.



By working with a licensed audiologist, you can help yourself  to lifelong better hearing. Audiologists can evaluate a person's hearing ability, assess the extent of any hearing loss, identify its source and recommend an appropriate treatment program.


Throughout the course of treatment, the audiologist can provide information to help you monitor your progress. Audiologists also are specially trained to provide aural rehabilitation.


They can help identify ways to reduce the impact of hearing loss in situations when it is difficult to communicate, such as a conversation in a crowded room or when more than one person speaks at a time.


Audiologists also can conduct tests to determine whether a hearing aid or another assistive listening device can help, dispense hearing instruments and provide appropriate follow-up care.

 "Concierge Service without Concierge Prices" 

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