Welcome to our website.  It is our goal to provide the community with all of its hearing health care needs.  We care for infants, children, and adults.  We speak English and Spanish and offer a full array of diagnostic audiological tests as well as state-of-the-art digital technology in hearing aids. At our office, our services include:
    Complete Diagnostic Audiological Evaluations
    Vestibular testing and limited remediation (for dizziness)
    Tinnitus evaluations and remediation for
    ringing in the ear - see Tinnitus page
    Otoacoustic Emissions tests
    Auditory Brainstem Response Audiometry

Our office is a private practice, not a clinic nor part of a chain.  It is geared toward the individual and their requirements and needs.  At this office, you donít just get a product, you get us, our service and expertise.  You make a very personal choice when you elect our office and your confidence is appreciated.  We accept various insurance plans, however, we do not allow them to dictate how we practice.

Complete Hearing Aid services include:

    A complete line of fully 
    digital and digitally programmable hearing 

    Liberal Trial and refund policy

    Hearing aid selection

    A complete line of digital hearing aids

    Reprogramming of Hearing Aids purchased elsewhere


Custom ear plugs for:
    Use with portable media players (e.g. iPod)
    Swim molds
    Other assorted custom ear protectors for noise 
We Offer Services For:
    All ages 
    Medicare and some
    insurances accepted
     Visa/Master Card and 
    American Express accepted


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Reach Us By Phone: (305) 663-0505

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